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About Us

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Headquartered in Margate, Florida, JG Insurance is an insurance service provider covering sectors including personal insurance, home, car, belongings, and more. At JG Insurance, we work hard to protect things that matter to you and prepare you for life’s uncertainties. We provide you with the best possible insurance solutions according to your needs.

Here at JG Insurance, our customers matter the most, and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing a happy client referring us to others. Working for the past twelve years, the company has provided its customers with the best insurance solutions while helping them make the right insurance decision.

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JG Insurance

We Are All About

Our Mission

We believe in four traits – professionalism, customer-focused, transparency, and client understanding. Our main goal is to build trustable relationships with our clients. We have experienced staff who creates policies according to your needs.

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Our Vision

We yearn for excellence, which is fulfilled through teamwork that aims to give you tailored insurance solutions. We strive to exceed expectations. We define our achievements through our dedication towards client satisfaction via innovations, quick service, operational effectiveness, and our team.

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Why Choose Us

Why JG Insurance

Future Wealth

JG Insurance

Life is more than just having money in the bank. JG Insurance’s plans will put your money to work for you. Our offered plans will protect you from any financial uncertainties while also providing you security.

Seeking Privacy

JG Insurance

We understand the importance of one’s privacy, and at JG Insurance, you don’t have to worry about it. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone, and your details are in secrecy with us. Privacy is vital, and we respect it.

Asset Protection

JG Insurance

We understand the value of your belongings, and we are here to help you protect that value. We keep your valuable assets, such as your home and car, covered through our insurance plans.

Claim Support

JG Insurance

JG Insurance works for you. You trusted us with your insurance, and we will make sure never to break that trust. We will work to get you a fair settlement that benefits you in every possible way.