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Accidental Insurance

You may want to consider having extra coverage in the form of accident and vision insurance for yourself and your family because accidents can’t be avoided. They can happen anytime or anywhere.

One should always be prepared with the right assets to protect themselves and their loved ones financially. Accidents that involve head injuries can potentially impact vision, causing vision blurriness and severe strain on your eyes. Vision and accident insurance helps you provide all the necessary financial coverage that you and your family will need in case of an unanticipated event.

Accident Insurance

At JG Insurance, we understand how an unexpected accident can disrupt life, and the last thing you would want in this situation is financial instability. Our offered accident insurance plan provides you with financial safety that you may need after meeting an unfortunate and sudden event. It helps you pay out for the expenses that medical and life insurance doesn’t. The provided sum of money you’ll receive can be used to pay any out-of-pocket fee related to your accident or injury.

Our accident insurance works for incidents where you’ve suffered from a broken bone, car accident, severe burn, or an emergency room visit.

Vision Insurance

Accidents can cause extreme stress on your eyes, causing vision blurriness and other eye problems. Eye-related treatment and procedures can cost a lot, and often they are overlooked. At JG Insurance, we understand that encountering an accident has its own expense. Besides that, an added cost of eye-related issues can undoubtedly add a tremendous amount of financial strain. Therefore, we provide our customers with vision insurance to give financial relief to their eye health.

Our offered vision insurance plan covers your eye care treatments’ overall cost in case of an accident. It further provides discounts for routine vision-related check-ups and expenses that come along with prescribed eyewear.

Take Comfort, Knowing We Offer Accident And Vision Insurance Plan

At JG Insurance, we fully realize how an unexpected event can affect your expenses. Even if you have medical, health, or life insurance, an unforeseen event or injury can cause significant financial strains. With our accident and vision plan, you can now be fully equipped to handle any unforeseen event or accident, including its repercussions. We make sure that our offered accident insurance plan puts an extra layer of protection to help you pay cash in case of an unexpected accident.

At JG Insurance, we take customer satisfaction seriously. Our team of qualified employees works around the clock to provide you with a tailored accident and vision insurance plan. Through our offered accident and vision insurance plan, you can stop worrying about all your out-of-pocket expenses in case of an accident. We assure to provide you with an affordable plan to cover all your immediate expenses that befalls you after an unexpected event.

Contact us if you wish to get our accident and vision plan tailored according to your specific needs.